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After a well earned  Christmas/New Year holiday for the Volunteers the Museum will re-open on Thursday, 10th January, 2019.


Friday 11th January will see the start of Frank Olding’s  12 week lecture course entitled “The History of the Archaeology of Wales”.


Many of the displays in the first floor exhibition room have been changed and new ones added.  


The most significant new display is that of the Brynmawr Town Cricket Club.  Sadly, the Club, which was established in 1872 was dissolved in 2017.  Many of its trophies and other memorabilia are now in the keeping of the Museum

The Society’s Sixteenth AGM was held in the Museum on Monday 29th April 2019.


Twenty three of the Society’s 101 Members attended and apologies for absence were received from 32 Members.


As required by the Company’s Articles of Association, the three longest serving Directors and Trustees:  Merryl Caleb; John Davies; and Vivienne Williams, submitted their resignations but had previously indicated they were willing to be re-elected should no other nominations be received.  This was the case and the three were, therefore, unanimously re-elected.


For the year 2019/2020, John Davies was appointed Chairman; John Hill was appointed Treasurer; and Vivienne Williams was re-appointed Secretary.


Tea, coffee and Welsh cakes were served at the conclusion of the meeting when Members were able to chat and catch up on local news.

Louise Garrett of “Visit Wales” (VAQAS)”  inspected the Museum on Thursday 11th July2019.

On Friday 12th she emailed to say that she was pleased to confirm that the Brynmawr & District Museum continued to meet all the requirements of the Visit Wales “VAQAS”  accreditation scheme.

She says she is now in the process of putting our assessment report together which should be with us within the next week or so.


Four hanging baskets have been planted and are now in place – all looking good.


A new Museum hanging sign has been ordered and will be located on the corner of the building.

                                                   A Macmilllan Coffee Morning was held in the Museum on Friday, 27th September                  

The Coffee Morning was a great success                                                                                                                                                           Thank you to everyone who contributed lovely cakes and raffle prizes and a big thank you to those who came                                along despite the bad weather.  A total of £241.45 was raised. and the Museum has received a "Thank You" from the

Macmillan Coffee Morning Team.

Macmillan poster

  January 2020

The volunteers, having much appreciated their well earned Christmas/New Year break, the Museum re-opened on Thursday 9th January. However, the Thursday morning “regulars” were more than pleased that the Museum had re-opened for tea/coffee and toast!!


Frank Olding’s new Course of Lectures “The History of Wales part two – from the Tudors to the 19th Centre” started at 10.00 a.m. on 10th January.      Forty-six signed up for the course – a number that exceeded expectations.  It was decided that because about thirty could best be accommodated, a second session to start at 1.00 p.m. could in future accommodate the “overflow”.

September 2020

The hanging baskets were removed at the end of September and in November the two Christmas lights were installed in readiness for the town’s “Switching On” evening.  They, too, have now been removed.

The new hanging “Museum” sign has been installed on the corner of the building