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World Wars 1 & 2 (1st & Ground Floors)


Photo 1 top row -  The music for the County School song was written by Ken Richards  and the words by Mary McDonald Taylor - both were teaching in St. Mary's Church in Wales School at the time.  Ken Richards won an eisteddfod medal for the song and the medal is displayed in the County School cabinet.  Ken's daughter, Margaret, who is a Member in the Museum donated the medal and the original music score to the Museum.


Photo 1 second row - The  Tapestry embroidered by Annie Furzer, age 10 in 1888, was bought on ebay by Andrew Rhys, Beddau, who donated it to the Museum.  Annie Furzer was the great-aunt of Marjorie Holley (nee Furzer),  a Museum Member and in charge of our Thursday coffee mornings.

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