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Brynmawr Museum was created by the community and the inaugural meeting of the society was held on 4th September 2002, and the official opening of the Museum took place in temporary premises on the first floor of the then Haven Discount Store, Market Square 7th June 2003.

Having been allocated permanent premises by the County Borough Council on the first floor of the former Carnegie Library, the Museum closed its temporary premises on 27th September, 2003, and re-opened in its new location on 6th December 2003, sharing the building with the Council's Open Learning Centre, which was then located on the ground floor.

When the Learning Action Centre moved to its current premises, the County Borough Council agreed to lease the whole of the Carnegie Building to the Museum and also to refurbish the ground floor prior to occupation by the museum. The Council had already refurbished the first floor for occupation by the Museum.

The Museum was again closed for a short time whilst refurbishment took place. It re-opened on 27th July, 2006.

During the period from inauguration to final occupation of the whole of the Carnegie Library building, and, indeed, until the present time, the Society has been fortunate in obtaining grants from various bodies and donations from private individuals, which has enabled the purchase of display cases, furniture and equipment.

There is a strong community involvement with the Museum being run entirely by volunteers.  Membership consists of Vice-presidents and Patrons and averages between 80 and 90 members each year.

Since the Museum opened, visitors average 4,000+ per year, many from overseas and many "ex pats". A good number, as the museum is only open 111/2 hours a week!!

Members of the public continue to donate artefacts to the Museum and the displays are changed on a rota basis.

If you look at "The Valleys" website - you will see that the Museum is in "The Valleys" Top 10 Mining & Museums experiences.


The Museum achieved FULL accreditation on 28th February 2013, and was renewed on 24th November2016.

The Visitor Attraction QualityScheme (VAQAS) was initially achieved on 3rd August 2015 and was renewed on 21st April for 2023/24 year

To find out more about the Carnegie Library Building, please visit

the 'Out of the Blue Artifacts"website by clicking on the following link


Brynmawr & District Museum is completely run and maintained by volunteers, at the moment there are 23 volunteers who man the museum.

We are completely dependant on donations in order to run and maintain the museum, therefore we are extremely grateful to anyone who feels that they are able to help us. You can help by joining the museum either as a Patron (£12 Per Annum) or a Vice President (£25 Per Annum).

We have 82 members ( 33 Vice Presidents & 49 patrons), who we are all extremely grateful to, however it is never too late to join, so why not join a group that is ever growing!!


 If you would like to become a Patron or Vice President, please download the membership form

or email us at :-

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