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27.08.2021  Naomi Brest,  London                               Wonderful Museum – great to hear about my family history in the town                                                                                                 from people who remember my family.  Many thanks.


10.09.2021 Sally Smith, Poole                                      Fabulous Museum and Staff.  Lovely. Thank you


16.09.2021  Cliff Amos, Norfolk                                  Great alterations. As always very friendly   Gemma Paine , Cardiff West               A warm welcome and fascinating artefacts reflecting local history. 


29.10.2021    K & S. Szabo-Strell, London                   Lovely collection.  Thank you


29.10.2021    E. Mohacsi, Budapest                        Nice staff.  Thank you


26.11.2021   I.W. Bryan, Bicester                        Very friendly people!


01.12.2021  Lord Levy,  London                         Very helpful, many thanks


01.12.2021   Owen Smith,  LLantrisant              Wonderful, thank you Eifion


14.04.2022    A. Griffiths (neé Matt) , Barry         Fascinating to discover my family connection    


28.04.2022    S. Priday, Tredegar                         Beautiful furniture, never knew it existed


30.04.2022    Keith Randal, Risca                          Lovely visit. Thank you


19.05.2022   Chloe & Melanie Gane , Brynmawr      Extraordinary. Amazing


27.05.2022      Jon Tilley, Romsey                               Fab!


28.05.2022     Hillary Barry (neé Davies), Suffolk      Brings back fabulous memories


02.06.2022      Audrey Gilson, Dundee            Lovely presentation


24.05.2022        G & R.A. Walters, Pontypool         Very well presented. Perfect


24.06.2022        Lynn Miles, Brynmawr           Friendly and informative.  Thank you


30.06.2022         Roy Thwaites, Ludlow             Thank you for your helpful information


30.06.2022        Francesca Bingham, Ludlow     Very helpful and generous


30.06.2022       Andrew Boulton, Ludlow             Amazing collection


07.07.2022     Paul Morgan,  Inverness          Very informative

28.07.2022   Tony Green,  Monmouth             Interesting insight into Brynmawr


 05.08.2022   Susan Holder,  Abergavenny                       Wonderful Museum


18.09.2022   Kay Bright (neé Davies ) Chelmsford                      So many memories, lovely displays


18.09.2022   Rhian &Medi Warburton,Brynmawr/Pentyrch        Very Interesting- Thank you!


26.01.2023   Anthony J. Morris & B. Morris, London               Brought back memories and nice to see familyHistory in the Museum


17.02.2023   Melanie Williams,  Bronllys                                      Unforgettable, thank you


03.03.2023      Julie James, Romsey                                      Very helpful staff


20.04.2023   Ivor Green,  Coleford                                     Very interesting and friendly


20.04.2023   Silva Meidez, Argentina                                  Visiting my husband’s relatives - nice place


28.04.2023   Stephen White, Bristol                                         Wonderful Local Museum 

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